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Published every fortnight from 1986 on, these magazines aren't just comics. Like any other magazine, each issue features an editorial, some educational parts, 'Master Mail' (letters from readers), competitions and general information on the characters and the series. And of course also comics. In fact they are still the main part. Usually there were three short stories per issue, the last one being a continous story over several issues sometimes. The artwork differs a lot in quality, but it is obvious that the artists tried very hard to imitate the style of the old DC comics (compare Skeletor's face, Mer Man, Stratos,...). To save money, only part of the pages are coloured. The stories aren't too intriguing, but certainly entertaining!
From issue 50 on, the UK magazines changed completely. London Magazines now collaborated with the German publisher Ehapa. Both magazines published the same stories, just in different languages. For the UK Magazines this meant a complete change of the artwork. For the bad. The Ehapa-drawings are some of the worst in existence! Some stories were actually deeper than the 'classic' UK plots though. And the stories were now longer, so that meant less stories per issue (only one sometimes!) and a reduction of the misc stuff. Too bad.