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1st Series

The Power Sword

Plot: He-Man leaves his jungle tribe to join the Masters of the Universe. The sorceress equips him with a magical armour and some weapons. He camps near Castle Grayskull. Skeletor and Beastman attack, sneak into the castle, kidnap Teela and want to put the two halves of the sword together but He-Man (with Man-At-Arms' and the Sorceress' help) fights them off.
Comments: The story sums up in a strange way what the whole series is about: Skeletor attacks (without any finesse here) and He-Man beats him after it didn't look so good.
But as this is the very first minicomic, the background plot is of course a bit different from the later ones. Adam doesn't exist here - He-Man is an individual! Skeletor is the former king of another world. On the whole, all the depths the characters got later is lacking here. But after all, this is the beginning of the series!
Thanks to Ravenscribe for the English scan!

King of Castle Grayskull

Plot: Skeletor finds one half of the Power Sword and Mer Man steals He-Man's half for him. He enters Castle Grayskull, tricks Teela (who is guarding it) to show him all the secrets and then imprisons her. He-Man joins her after being fooled by Skeletor, too. But they manage to break free, fight off an army of harnishes brought to life by Skeletor's magic and He-Man throws Skeletor off the roof. The spirit of the castle splits the sword again and promises to hide both halves.
Comments: The story is very stereotype, but somehow, these old comics have a certain flair to them...

The Vengeance of Skeletor

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Plot: Skeletor calls for his minions Beast Man and Mer-Man. He sends them on the mission to kill He-Man. The 'target' is just on the way to a 'meeting' (nudge, nudge ;) with Teela when the ambush takes place. The two overpower their opponent and Mer-Man carries the motionless body away and throws it into the sea. Teela has seen it all though and calls for Stratos. He-Man gains concious again, but he finds himself surrounded by giant undersea monsters. With Stratos' help, he can make it back to dry land safely again. Being sure his opposition is crushed, Skeletor and his underlings are trying to break into Castle Grayskull of course. That is where the good team is heading, too. A 'mass' battle begins and it is decided by He-Man's cleverness as opposed to the brute force of the villains. Seeing his upcoming defeat, Skeletor fires his own energy on Mer-Man who can hardly save his life from that blast. The evil alliance is broken, the good guys can easily chase them away individually.
Comments: Well, the title isn't all that fitting. No real vengeance in this issue. Apart fromt he usual plan to defeat He-Man, but then this title can be called omnipotent ;) I like how Skeletor actually would have killed Mer-Man if it wasn't for his own powers :)
Thanks to Ravenscribe for the English scan and to Hellspawn for the German one!

Battle in the Clouds

Plot: As usual, Skeletor is defeated by He-Man again. The most powerful man in the universe throws his helpless enemy into the sea where he is rescued by Mer-Man. The two villains team up and fire on He-Man's flying Battle Ram. In spite of Stratos' interference, the hero falls off his glider. Mer-Man rushes to the place He-Man is lying and he manages to grab the power suit from the half-concious and now helpless man. In addition, he takes the Battle Ram for himself. After the sea lord is gone, He-Man calls for Battle Cat who carries him to his friend Man-at-Arms. The two take Duncan's Wind Raider to search for Teela who has been captured by the villains before. Of course they meet Mer-Man on the Battle Ram and an air fight ensues. With the help of Stratos, the good guys finally gain the upper hand against the foe with the superior machine and everything's fine again.
Comments: I love the artwork and the action scenes of this story - if only this mid-air battle would take even longer! Unfortunately, some mistakes and illogical twists have crept into it. First of all, why does He-Man wear his power suit again when he visits Man-at-Arms? If it's so powerful, why doesn't Mer-Man actually use it - after all, that is what he stole it for according to himself. Where has Stratos hidden all the time between his appearance at the beginning and then again at the very ending? And Teela somehow remains Skeletor's prisoner...
Thanks to Ravenscribe for the English scan and to Hellspawn for the German one!