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» The Good Old Days - Comics - UK - #2


Plot: Orko The Magician: Skeletor attacks Castle Grayskull with a giant catapult, Orko magically enlarges his tennis racket and returns the boulder onto Skeletor's weapon.
The Living Rocks: He-Man and Man-at-Arms are investigating a rumor in the Shadow Land when a strage creature suddenly emerges from the ground. It looks evil, so they attack. They battle so hard that the ground opens and they all fall into an underground lake. The monster turns out to be made of small boulder-like creatures joined together. The Powersword's magic can seperate them though and the creatures are helpless. In exchange for their lives, they tell He-Man where Skeletor's secret underground base is located. There, the Lord of Destruction is keeping a group of Mole-People as slaves who are being forced to dig a tunnel into Eternos City. He-Man overpowers the evil one of course and frees the slaves.
Hordak's Revenge: Hordak plans to get rid of both his mortal enemies He-Man and Skeletor at once. He captures He-Man and Man-at-Arms with the help of a poisonous gas. He-Man is imprisoned in the Fright Zone's cell, Man-at-Arms is being held by the tree. Hordak pretends he wants to negotiate with Skeletor and the Lord of Destruction follows his former master's invitation. Hordak wants Skeletor and He-Man to engange in a deadly struggle. But the seemingly helpless He-Man catches his arch-enemy by surprise and throws right to the dragon. Now it's only He-Man against a few members of the Horde and Man-at-Arms is soon free. Everybody returns to their homes again.
Skeletor's Champion: Skeletor is in need of new warriors. He invites all evil beings of the universe to compete in a series of games to see who's worthy of joining him. After a mass battle, most competitors are already out. Next is a treasure hunt for six magical saphires. The remaining six are organized in three teams and they're sent out to find the Triangle of Teloss. One pair takes advantage of the others fighting against each other, grab the triangle and return it to Skeletor. The evil one wants to hire them, but it turns out they're He-Man and Fisto who had heard about the competition and took part in the armours of two aliens they had captured. Skeletor's plan has been spoiled.
Comments: The third story is easily the best in this issue. Sure, it doesn't make much sense that Skeletor doesn't just hire all of the evil beings who have followed his invitation. But that put aside, it's a nice idea and the surprising twist at the end is a great idea! Concerning the artword, The Living Rocks beats the others hands down.


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