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2nd Series

He-Man and the Lost Dragon

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Plot: In order to produce chaos on Eternia, Hordak blasts a hole into the mountains which surround a valley in which prehistoric creatures have survived. A Stegosaurus finds its way out. On its search for food, it destroys whole villages and the frightended peasants don't exactly make things better. He-Man, Teela and Man-at-Arms gain its trust be feeding it. With the help of a thought transmitter, they lead it back towards the valley. However, both Skeletor and the Horde want to control the mighty creature, too. A three-way battle ensues, but the Masters manage to stand their ground with the help of the dinosaur whom they finally get back to its home. The good guys seal the valley again.
Comments: If Skeletor and Hordak would actually do anything, this might have been a good story. Instead, they're relegated to non-speaking roles. The laser fights are cool, but that's about it.

He-Man and the Asteroid of Doom

Plot: An asteroid which carries parts of an ancient machine (kind of a power plant) flies near Eternia. The Horde wants to drag it into their realm with their ships. Skeletor senses something is going on and he sends Zodac to investigate. He gives his report to his master only a few minutes later. Buzz Off also hears it. Now all three fractions know about the asteroid. Skeletor orders his slaves to built an energy projector which is supposed to pull the asteroid to Snake Mountain. Hordak has just found the asteroid and his men have attached cables to it when Skeletor activates his beam. He-Man is the only one to understand the situation fully: the asteroid will crash down on Snake Mountain destroying everything! He, Man-at-Arms and Teela each take one Wind Raider and they destroy Skeletor's cannon. But the asteroid keeps falling. The good guys try shooting at it to change its course, but they succeed only with the help of Skeletor and his Rotons. Hordak's ships also turn up again, but the asteroid explodes on Eternia's surface - where he can't harm anyone.
Comments: An interesting story about greed and rivalty. Some strange mistakes have sneaked into it though: Since when is Zodac Skeletor's underling? How can the good guys survive openly in space? How can Skeletor and his men breeze there? The drawings of the air-strikes look cool though, so why think about this nitpicking?