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Breaking news: EU declares Abandonware legal!

Posted at 12:46 on June 5th, 2008 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Reborn Gumby
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Sorry, couldn't resist the headline ;)

Yesterday, a memorandum was signed allowing the digital preservation and online publication of 'orphaned works'.

Of course, the definition of the latter term is quite a bit tighter than we'd usually like it to be. A copyright holder mustn't be identifyable even by 'diligent' research. That term, again, is defined in even more papers and so on and so on.

So, nothing for sites like this one really, but a giant step in the right direction, if you ask me. At least the problem of cultural works disappearing has been identified, admitted and - to some extent - dealt with. That's absolutely great!
Now you see the violence inherent in the system!
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