Attic of the Underdogs

"So much for the monthly schedule..."
Remember this one? If you do, you know what this is: An attempt to keep what once was one of the greatest websites of the Internet available at least to a degree. To get it over with right at the start: You won't find any of the games in this database available for download. However, Home of the Underdogs was valuable enough just as a reference point alone.

So what you can find here is the game entries of that deceased site. Since obviously, we didn't have the original database, it has been reconstructed from the HTML pages themselves. Just the games pages, so the theme or genre descriptions are missing. Just the game entries.

Don't expect this ever to be updated (corrections are welcome, of course - this is the result of automatic parsing of text files after all, so errors are bound to be present). If you want to see anything here available for download, the right way would be to submit the game to the actual main site. It's not like getting all these games listed here over there would actually be much of an effort if a few people lent their hands...

Mr Creosote
P.S. In case you're wondering about the legality of just taking all this stuff: Thankfully, everything on Home of the Underdogs had been put under a Creative Commons licence. These aren't derivative works, but verbatim copies, everything is attributed and hopefully, the non-commercial nature is obvious - so for once on anything Abandonware-related, this is a completely legal completely legal endeavour :)