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Plot: Die Rache des Bösen: Adam changes into He-Man all by itself all of sudden. Confused, he wants to investigate and leaves the palace together with Teela. They meet Zoar and the Sorceress tells them of a distortion of the dimensions which make Castle Grayskull's energies uncontrollable. This will continue to wreak havoc if the process isn't stopped. Stratos joins the group and they all meet Skeletor who is accompanied by Beast Man and Trap-Jaw. A fight ensues, and He-Man only survives with luck and the help of his friends - especially Man-at-Arms who arrived in the very last moment. Something seems to drain He-Man's power. Zoar leads the heroes to the Walking Mountain. This creature reveals the cause of He-Man's leaking power: An Anti-He-Man has been born within the dimensional chaos and he feeds off the power of the real He-Man. Soon, he'll possess the complete power of Grayskull. The group moves on, only to meet bizarre illusions slowing them down again and again. At last, they're arriving at the source of all the problems. Here, a icy Castle Grayskull stands, inhabited by the new He-Man. The original He-Man has become so weak in the meantime that he can hardly stand upright. This, however, leads his enemy to underestimating him and not taking him seriously, giving He-Man the opportunity to ram his sword into the evil one's leg. The magical energies flow back and the world has been saved.
Das Monster aus dem Eis: At Eternia's pole, Skeletor finds an ancient monster trapped in an iceberg. Using his magic, he resurrects it and sends it to destroy an Eternian city. There, it actually does cause lots of damage before Stratos and He-Man arrive to fight it. The heroes first seem to be overpowered by the giant monster's raw strength and its ice breath, but eventually He-Man manages produce so much heat using his Power Sword that the monster melts.
Comments: The first story is probably the best I've ever read about the Masters! It's less about the basic plot device (which remains unexplained to the end, and which is comparable to the minicomic 'The Magic Stealer'), but about all the small details which come together in this one. No synopsis can cover all of these details which make the story so good. Having Skeletor appear, but not making him the actual villain of this piece, is another positive aspect. The second story is quite funny ('Alles kaputtmachen! Groooaar!'), but the pages would of course have been used more effectively to dive further into the first story (e.g. to make the disappointingly short ending a little more spectacular).