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» The Good Old Days - Comics - Interpart - #4


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Plot: Im Tal der Bestien: He-Man, Stratos, Man-at-Arms and Teela are driving peacefully along, admiring the countryside as suddenly all their vehicles stop working. Even Stratos loses his ability to fly. Orko at least manages to produce a Dragon Walker out of the thin air, but even he can't beam them all home. A projection of Skeletor appears, teasing the Masters. The heroes have no choice but to go through the gap in the mountains on foot. Behind that, there's the valley of beasts (as mentioned in the title). After surviving struggles with flesh-eating plants, a sea serpent and a dinosaur and walking over burning ground, they reach the inner sanctum of the valley where Skeletor has split the 'heart of the valley' in two with a huge axe. He-Man pulls the axe out, and the good spirit of the valley reawakens, ending the rule of the beasts.
Die Macht von Castle Grayskull: The Sorceress summons He-Man to the Hall of Time in Castle Grayskull. She opens a portal to the past by moving one of the stones, showing He-Man the incident which destroyed the city of Avion and killed off Stratos' whole people. He-Man can't just watch and jumps through the portal, fighting the black cloud who turns out to be Skeletor. He-Man returns to his own time, but the Sorceress informs him that although he has saved the flying people, she had transfer them to another dimension in order to avoid creating a time paradox.
Comments: The first story isn't very good. Some cool monsters, but hardly any suspense. And it all makes only little sense: why do the vehicles break down when they're not even in the valley? Why do the heroes have 'no choice' but to enter the valley? And why is it called the valley of beasts if it was actually a pretty nice place until Skeletor destroyed its 'heart'? One of the rare cases where the second story actually shows more promise than the longer one.