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The Garden of Evil

Plot: Hordak orders his Troopers to capture He-Man to get his revenge (see issue #1). Being robots, they mistake Adam for He-Man and bring him to the Fright Zone. Hordak recognizes He-Man's sword but it defends itself when he wants to touch it. Adam is put in the Slime Pit. Meanwhile, Orko and Cringer manage to get to Etheria and fool the Horde Troopers. Orko thinks about grabbing the sword himself and defeat Hordak, but in the very last moment he decides to use his magic to transport it to Adam of whom only the hand is still visible - the rest has already been slimed. He-Man breaks free from the Slime Pit, trashes the Troopers, and is about to attack Hordak when Orko transports him back to Eternia to prevent this dangerous fight.
Comments: The story is very much like a cartoon episode - Cringer and Orko are way too dominant! Besides, Adam seems very careless: first he wants to change to He-Man in front of the Troopers (just because he senses he can), later he does change in front of Hordak - without being noticed. Ouch! But Hordak mysteriousness is maintained: is he maybe even stronger than He-Man? The two are still without a direct head-to-head confrontation! And this question makes this issue interesting to read. Besides, the Slime Pit is really cool!