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The Hate Stones

Plot: A soldier called Andra is awared the Eternian Star Of Valor for fighting the Horde off an outpost. She is also a member of the royal guard now. Dre-El arrives from Trolla to visit Orko. But suddenly, a cloaked Horde army attacks! Andra is knocked out and Adam changes into He-Man. Orko sees He-Man is in the middle of beating the crap out of Hordak and he wants to take the opportunity to impress Dre-El. Hordak shoots at him and he hits the ceiling. One second before it crashes down on Orko, Dre-El pushes him aside. The Horde flees, but Dre-El is severely injured! She vanishes. Orko feels guilty about her death. A strange voice approaches him and gives him a necklace which should give Orko the power to become a great magician. But it also changes Orko's personality! Suddenly, he's full of hate against Hordak and he has no other thought than destroying him. The Hate Stones on the amulet possess him. He rushed off to the War Star, the Horde's mobile HQ. His friends want to stop him. Orko smashes the Star's walls and frightens all of Hordak's underlings off. He's just about to kill Hordak when He-Man and Man-At-Arms arrive. They want to convince Orko that he's possessed and that this is not his true self. But the power of the stones is too strong. He-Man jumps between Orko and Hordak, announcing if Orko wants to kill Hordak, he has to kill him too. Even though the Hate Stones order him to do so, he can't. He throws the necklace away. Hordak wants to reach it, but Andra is faster. She throws it into down into the War Star's energy well. This causes the War Star to explode, but everyone manages to get our in time. Back at the royal palace, they are greeted by Dre-El who was healed by Orko's uncle Montork.
Comments: The Hate Stones are a nice idea! This story shows that the good guys can't morally accept every way to final peace. Orko would have destroyed Hordak without a doubt, but they prevented it for Orko's sake - to save him from becoming completely possessed! The bad thing about this comic is, that too many of the worst cartoon characters appear (Dre-El, Uncle Montork,...).