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Long live the King

Plot: King Randor is depressed because he feels his warrior days are over. He's not even able to defeat a training robot anymore and has to be saved by Clamp Champ. At the same time, Skeletor summons some new warriors for his army Ninjor and Blast Attack appear. Blast Attack doesn't want to accept Skeletor as his new master and he and Ninjor start fighting. But this fight is decided by Faker and Scare Glow showing up. The Sorceress senses danger and in the form of Zoar she alerts Adam. He turns into He-Man and accompanied by Orco, he follows a flying figure which they take for being Skeletor. But in fact it's Scare Glow who is ordered to distract He-Man together with Ninjor while Faker and Blast Attack are on their way to the royal Palace. The two break in, Blast Attack knocks Randor and Clamp Champ out. But Faker 'saves' the King as He-Man by beating Blast Attack. Meanwhile, the true He-Man discovers that he was lead into a trap and he runs away. Faker knocks Clamp Champ out and 'imprisons' the King and Queen in their chambers. He-Man arrives and now he and Orko have to fight Ninjor, Scare Glow, Skeletor and Blast Attack. But Randor manages to beat Faker, then he rushes to help He-Man and decides the battle almost alone! Eternia is saved once more...
Comments: Whenever the real plot begins only in the last third of a story, the main focus has to be somewhere else. And in this case, it's on character developement! Mainly Randors. He's an old man now but he still can't forget 'the old days' when he was fighting for freedom personally. Clamp Champ is once again an arrogant and jealous man possessed by war. And even Skeletor gets some depths! At the beginning, he's full of self-doubt. Now nobody can say he's just the standard-villain anymore!