Everybody is allowed and encouraged to contribute to The Good Old Days. We're waiting for your opinions, your rarities and your help in general. You can add games, you can review games which are already there and basically publish anything which fits the general topic of the site here.

Mind you this is not one of these over-hyped 'anything goes' sites which you'll find on the Internet these days. All submitted contents go through an editorial approval process. This is to ensure it meets the minimum quality standards of the site. This has nothing to do with elitism. Try to look at it from the pure visitor perspective: Only that way, we can promise to provide a reliable service.

Short How-To

To contribute, you must have a site account. These accounts are shared with our forums, i.e. you have to register there. You can then use that login to authenticate yourself here on the site. Alternatively, you can use an external OpenID account. Once logged in, you can use the regular links found on each of the site's pages to submit your contents. Regular contributors will be assigned additional privileges (to publish without the need of peer-review, for example; this only works for local forum accounts, though).

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

In the spirit of the (continental) European idea of the droit d'auteur (as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon concept of copyright), everything you write and submit to the site is retained in your ownership. You do give The Good Old Days a licence to use and publish it, as well as editing it for language (spelling mistakes and such) and layout (paragraph structure, text formatting). You also allow us to produce translated versions of your texts and publish those. Everything you submit will be credited to you by the nickname you've registered under.

And to be safe: We're reserving the right to reject anything with or without reason, of course.

Open Questions?

Maybe these answers will help? Otherwise, head over to the forums and shoot!