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Tapuak has been with the site since the day it opened. Of the four initial reviews the site consisted of, one (Chaos Engine) was written by him, just under a different alias. He 'officially' joined the crew in late 2000 as webmaster of the newly established SNES section.

Another unique fact about him is that he has always (before the unification with this design) designed said section himself. The old 'Hall of Fame' look also came from him. That makes him the only one (again apart from Mr Creosote) who has done independent designing for this site (note: Gesh was responsible for part of another old design, but he 'only' did his work in collaboration with Mr Creosote).

Tapuak's reviews can be found in many different sections, and apart from that, he was also involved in most of the decisions which build the foundation of the site to this day.