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» The Good Old Days - Comics - Interpart - #9


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Plot: Der Weltenfresser A 'juggernaut' surrounded of green smoke appears over Eternia, sucking everything in from the surface with its 'mouth'. It looks like the whole planet will be reduced to a lifeless pile of rubble if the mystic force isn't stopped. Investigation from the outside result in nothing, so He-Man and Orko risk being 'sucked in'. Inside, they're immediately ambushed by a group of blue-skinned men armed with simple axes made of stone. Of course, He-Man beats them up easily. With He-Man being away, Skeletor uses the opportunity to attack Castle Grayskull, firing the Roton's laser at Zoar. Meanwhile He-Man meets Hordak who is behind the attack. He explains everything which is sucked into the juggernaut is reduced in size in power, and so a miniature He-Man now faces a giant Hordak. A blast with the Power Sword manages to chase Hordak away for now, though. Back on Eternia, the 'mouth' is approaching Castle Grayskull, which prompts Skeletor to run away. The castle - not being able to do that - is sucked into the other world. Without the power of Grayskull, everything seems lost. He-Man has to run from the threat of snakes and spiders which all appear giant to him. Then, Orko feels the presence of Castle Grayskull in this world. He manages to beam both himself and He-Man to the castle. He-Man, the sword and the castle being reunited, resulting in a huge concentration of power, are too much for the juggernaut: it spews everything out again which it had previously sucked in, 'rebuilding' even the castle in its original place.
Sirenengesang: Skeletor drags a new weapon in front of Castle Grayskull. When he turns it on, only weird screeching noises emerge from it. However, this isn't a laughing matter, as the walls of the castle begin to crumble from the sound waves. A large chunk falls, leaving a hole in the wall which the evil warriors get into the castle through. While Fisto and He-Man are occupied by Webstor and Clawful, Orko faces Skeletor himself. Instead of attacking the Overlord of Evil directly, he casts a spell which destroys the machine, effectively ending the attack.
Comments: It seems that with the Horde around, Interpart couldn't quite decide whom to use as a villain anymore. This results in both Skeletor and Hordak appearing, but none having any serious 'screen time'.