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Plot: Das Tal der Macht: Buzz-Off flies into the mystical Valley of Power ('Tal der Macht') where he's attacked by the legendary Fog of Fear ('Nebel des Schreckens'). He can't escape, but he manages to send an S.O.S. signal to the Masters. He-Man and his new friends, Sy-Klone, Moss-Man and Roboto set out to rescue him. Skeletor, being aware of many of the defenders being away, decides to attack the royal palace. He assembles an invasion army consisting of himself (riding Spydor), Stinkor (driving the Land Shark) as well as Spikor and Two-Bad (in the Roton). Orko manages to divert them for a while, and then Man-at-Arms flies an attack in the Wind Raider. Meanwhile, He-Man's group has reached the valley. Quickly, they are surrounded by the fog as well, and hideous monsters appear. It seems nothing can hurt the monsters as the situation gets more and more hopeless. Back at the palace, Man-at-Arms' laser can't seem to hurt Skeletor, either. The amused Overlord of Evil reveals that he's tapping into the power of the valley. The Bashasaurus, operated by Teela, at least does a little damage to the Land Shark, but even that doesn't slow the evil warriors down for long as Teela falls unconcious from Stinkor's odor. The Sorceress uses her powers to convince the ghost of the valley that the Masters don't mean any harm to him. In fact, the valley is good, not evil, it had only defended itself. Skeletor had tapped into the power the fog had drawn from the heroes. All defenders of Grayskull are set free again as the fog retreats. Orko notifies Man-at-Arms that Skeletor's source of energy is gone, and the tides of the battle turn quickly. The bad guys run away.
Der Drachenkämpfer: Skeletor has captured a dragon and now he uses it to burn down whole villages. He-Man faces this new adversary. The dragon seems untouched by an energy blast emerging from the Power Sword, and it replies with its fire breath. He-Man is dazed and he loses grip of his sword. Skeletor quickly picks it up and uses it to attack He-Man. Luckily, the latter is wearing his new Battle Armor which regenerates itself immediately. Throwing a rock at his adversary, He-Man gets his sword back, but he still has to defeat the dragon. He lures it into the forest where it trips over a fallen tree. Fixing the dragon's mouth with another boulder, He-Man has won the battle.
Comments: This is it - the last issue of the series. The last two issues were actually little more than simple introductions of new characters (i.e. advertisement for the toys), so it was probably for the better. Also, the plot idea of Skeletor transforming some sort of energy to his advantage was getting a little tired. Nevertheless, still an entertaining read.


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