Print Shop Deluxe

Language: English
Licence: Commercial
System: PC
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Review by Guzzardo (2004-03-22)

As you have probably already noticed, the .rar file that contains this file also contains 5 other .zip files. Copy each to a floppy and run install.exe on disk 1 to install the software. Note that disk 5 is completely optional; it is just fonts.
Print Shop is a true classic. Now in its 15th version, Print Shop is one program that, unlike many others in this section, has stood the test of time. Basically, this version of Print Shop can design and print banners, calendars, greeting cards, and signs. It cannot boast the most user-friendly interface of all time, when I first started with computers (way back in 1992), this was all that we had, and we liked it! Go ahead, brag about your 15 cacajillion clip art images, while I have, like, 20. Oh well. The feature set? Great in 1992, nothing special now. "Okay, so why would I waste my time downloading this program?" I hear you say. There are only two good reasons: disk space and memory. Let's face it, that 20GB hard drive just gets smaller and smaller every day. Don't you wish that you could save 1.13GB(!) of space just by downsizing to a smaller version? Would you believe that this version takes up only 4.76MB? And don't even get me started on memory! Do you have any idea what the memory requirements for Print Shop 15 are? No, I don't either, but this little guy takes up a lot less, I guarantee it.
Bottom Line: Great in its day, degraded by newer models
Technical Concerns: While the installer will run just about anywhere, the program itself will not run at all on my Windows ME machine(which is why I have no screenshots).