Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday (Buck_Datacard.txt)

                      Commodore 64,128 Data Card

                            -BUCK ROGERS-

                        COUNTDOWN TO DOOMSDAY

Before Beginning Play: There is no physical copy protection on your
Countdown to Doomsday disks, so please make backup copies and put the
originals away for safekeeping Consult your disk drive or
copy-software manual for copy instructions.

Saving Games: Only one game can be saved onto a disk. The progam will
format a save disk for you if you attempt to save to an unformatted
disk. You should use two save disks and alterate them during play.
When a countdown situaton starts, be careful saving the game. If you
save the game with time running out and you are not sure how to
complete an event, you may get into a situation where you are stuck.
This only occurs twice in the game.

Loading the Game: After making your backup copies, the following steps
will load the game:

1.   Put Disk l, Side A in drive.

2.   Type LOAD "*" and press RETURN.

3.   Type RUN and press RETURN.

4.   Follow all prompts to run the game. To answer the verification
     question, use the Log Book or the Rule Book. Ttpe the indicated
     word and press RETURN.

You will be prompted to insert the correct disk whenever a disk swap
is required

To Begin Playing Quickly: A pregenerated team is piovided on Disk 1,
Side A. To load this team select LOAD SAVED GAME from the Team
Creation menu and insert Side A when the saved game is requested.

Skill Selection: Moving the joystick to the right will increment the
points for the highlighted skill and moving the joystick to the left
will decrement the points. To switch to another Screen, move the
joystick up or down to highlight the PREVIOUS or NEXT line and then
move the joystick to the right. Hit the joystick button ONLY after you
have assigned all of your available points.

Moving: To move in the 3D View,  press the following keys:

I:    moves the team forward.
J:    moves the theam to the left.
K:    turns the team to the right.
M:    moves the team backward.


          MOVE FORWARD

    TURN       |       TURN
    LEFT    ---+---    RIGHT


To move in combat press the following keys:

1:   moves character up.
2:   moves character up and right.
3:   moves character right.
4:   moves chuacter down and right.
5:   moves character down.
6:   moves character down and left.
7:   moves character left.
8:   moves character up and left.



                  \   |   /
                    \ | /
                    / | \
                  /   |   \

It is easler to get diagonal movement with the keyboard than with the

Commodore 64 Specific: The following is a list of Commodore 64
specific commands:

<Left Arrow>: Is identical to the EXIT command from menus. In combat,
pressing this key will take back a move, but will not erase any damage
taken during the move.

Q: Sets all characters to QUICK (computer control). This is a fast way
to end combat once the enemy has been defeated. NOTE: AID option will
NOT work when the characters are under computer control.

<SPACE>: Returns all characters to normal control from QUICK.


HINT: If you find combat too easy or difficult, use the LEVEL command
(rule Book page 7).

SkIlls: Make sure your team members specialize in a variety of skills,
since all of the general skills will be used at various points in the
game. You should make sure you have at least one Medic in your team
and that seve:al of your characters have FIRST AID skill and all of
your characters have MANEUVER IN ZERO G skill. You should give your
Medic some points in TREAT POISON skill after training the first time.

One of your characters should have ASTROGATION skill.  Navigating in
space costs 2O pts per move, but only 10 pts per move with a
successfull ASTROGATION skill check. Use the ROCKET option to see how
much fuel you have left.

Weapons: Each character should carry more than one type of weapon. If
you are unable to damage opponents with a cerain weapon you may want
to try a different one. EXAMPLE: All Robots are immune to microwave
guns, so you will need to switch to another weapon when shooting a
Robot if you are cureently usiag a Microwave gun.

Ammunition: While only certain weapons may be purchased at diiferent
shops, ammunition may be puschased lor all weapons at all shops. A
clip for all weapons contains 10 rounds, except Pamma Throwers &
Rocket Launchers which contain only 1 round per clip.

Game Hints:
Grenades may be purchased at certain shops on certain asteroids, so
explore. Stun grenades are useful in tactical combat to paralyze enemy
characters. Chaff grenades are very useful when facing enemies with
heavy weapons or grenades. Throw the chalf grenades in front of your
team and incoming grenades will explode when they hit edge of the
chaff cloud.

Don't forget to spead out your team members in combat and take
advantage of terrain The characters will be vulnerable to grenades and
heavy weapons when grouped together.

                    STRATEGIC SIMULATIONS, INC.   

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