FAQ: Archives

Archive Types


Generally, we use the 7-Zip format to compress the files we are offering for download. Due to its excellent compression ratio, this saves download time for you and bandwidth (and thus money) for us.

You can extract these files on pretty much every common operating system:


Although we've tried to replace any files of that type with 7-Zip, you still might run across the odd RAR file. You can get a freeware UnRAR program from RARLAB.


Some Amiga-related files might be packed using LHA. The respective program is available from Aminet.

ADF, SMC, D64, ... (any other file)

These files aren't compressed archives, but disk images / ROMs for use with emulators. See the related FAQ of the system you downloaded the game for.

Archive Password

You do not need a password to open the archives you will find on this site. If you are still asked for one, it is usually a sign of a failed download. Proceed with the steps outlined on this page.


If your archiver fails to extract one of our archives, check whether you are already running the most current version. If not, upgrade.

Check File Integrity

If the problem persists, it could be that something went wrong transferring the file to you. You can verify the integrity of the file by comparing the SHA1 hash of the file you got with the one listed on the respective download page. If the hashes do not match, you have to download the archive again.

You do this using the sha1sum utility (shipped with most UNIX-like operating systems; users of Microsoft Windows can get an executable from GnuPG).

The easiest way is to save the hash file to the same directory where you downloaded the archive. You can verify the hash like this:
sha1sum -c archive.7z.sha1
The program will reply telling you whether the hash matches. If, on the other hand, you do not want to save the hash, you can enter this:
sha1sum archive.7z
Then compare the output with what is shown here on the download page of the respective file.

Report Problem

If even the latter test shows no problem, it means the file stored on our server is probably broken. Please report this in the forum.