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Up			- Q
Down			- A
Left			- O
Right			- P
Fire catapult		- F
Catch mouse/frog	- C
Drop stink bomb		- D
Shoot water pistol	- G
Hit/punch		- H
Jump			- J
Leap			- L
Sit/stand		- S
Throw away water	- T
Write			- W


 When the game starts go to the girls school and search the desks for a water
pistol and stink bombs. If you can't find them here search the boys school 
 Catch a mouse as soom as you can. Use the water pistol to fill the three
cups on the ledge next to the flight of steps that lead to the boys school
classrooms. To get the numbers that unlock the bike from the conker tree,
stand on the third step and face the three cups. When a teacher is walking 
towards you, as soon as he is under the hinge furthest away from you, fire 
the catapult. Hit him and he tells you the number.
 When you have the four numbers, find a clean blackboard and write them on 
it - the bike is then unlocked. You have to wait until no teachers are on the
steps leading to the headmasters study. Go up to his study and turn around.
When the Headmaster's on the second step leading towards you, drop a 
stinkbomb. He'll tell you off and open the top window.
 This is the tricky part. You have to fire the catapult out of the top window
and hit Albert on the head. The best chance is when playtime is nearly over
and Albert is inside the boys school. If you look at the open door that lets
you into the playground you can see a line running down it where the two 
walls meet. When Albert has just passed that line, fire the catapult, and 
with a bit of luck he'll be knocked out.
 Next playtime get on the bike and cycle to the gate. If Albert hasn't 
already opened it, crash into it. This ensures that you can jump over the
gate easily when you have to.
 Now for another tricky part. When playtime is over stay by the gate until
Albert arrives. Let him lock it and keep in front of him as he goes to lock
the boys school door. Albert won't lock the door until you have gone
so you have to go quickly into the boys school and then back into the 
playground. If you have timed it correctly, Albert shuts the door leaving 
you in the playground.
 Go to the bike, mount it and then stand on it. Jump from it and you should
land on the gate and be able to get over it. If you are lucky the 
Headmistress will be in a class, so you can get into her study and fill
the water pistol as before. Use the same procedure as before but stand on the
third step this time - they should provide you with some letters. When four
letters have been collected write them on a clean blackboard, and then you
have a key. Go to the room at the back of the science lab. Collect the
frog and wait until the next playtime.
 When playtime is over, stay by the gate until Albert comes. Get on the bike
and cycle into the girls school. The headmistress should be in her study now.
Position the bike underneath the cup, and do as you did to jump over the 
locked gate. When you manage to get the frog into the cup, cycle back to the
boys school.
 At the next playtime, cycle back to the girls school and fire the catapult
at the Headmistress and knock her down while shes underneath the cup. Fire 
the catapult again and the missile will hit her and go upwards. If the 
Headmistress is underneath the cup the missile will hit it and the frog is
released. You are now in possession of the key to the Headmasters safe. 
All you have to do is follow him into his study, then jump and touch the safe
to complete the game.
 Incidentally, five thousand lines are deducted when Haley kisses you - 
this comes in very handy.