Bliss (hints.txt)

	This is the hint file for Bliss: An Interactive Harrowing.
It should get you through all the hard spots, but there is a 
walkthrough included at the end of this file, in case you really
get stuck.

What do I do in the cell?:

  * Did you ever see jail life depicted in cheesy old movies?

  * If you wanted to talk to your guard you would bang the bars
  with your tin cup.

  * HIT the DOOR WITH the CUP.

What do I do with the jailer?:

  * You can talk to him, he's real friendly.

  * Other than fine conversation, however, he's not much use.

  * You need to trick him into opening the door to your cell.

  * Also, take note of the knife he occasionally picks his teeth with.

Allright, allright!  How do I get out of the cell?:

  * If you call the jailer, and then hide under your bed, he'll
  think you disappeared.

  * Unfortunately, he finds you a few turns after he walks in.

  * You need to incapacitate him before he finds you.

  * Try LOOKing UNDER the BLANKET.

  * See those scaly legs?  PULL the LEGS.

  * You should note that this doesn't work unless the blanket is
  on the bed you're hiding under.

How do I get past the orc in the Entrance Hall?:

  * You'll need a weapon to get rid of him.

  * Your jailer used to pick his teeth with a nasty looking knife...

  * SEARCH the BODY.

  * Then, KILL the ORC WITH the KNIFE.

Argh!  More guards!  How do I get past them?

  * You could kill them with your knife, but even if you kill one,
  the other is sure to get you...

  * You need to separate them.  Notice the two statues?

  * They're about to fall apart.  You could break one easily.

  * Unfortunately, the instant you make that noise, an orc comes
  running and finishes you off.

  * You need to smash it from a distance, which means you need
  to throw something at it.

  * Too bad everything you have is too light, if only you could
  make something heavier...

  * The dirt in the flower beds are extremely loose.  If you
  put some dirt in the cup, it should be heavy enough to suffice.

  * DIG IN the BED, then PUT the DIRT IN the CUP, then THROW the CUP
  AT the STATUE.

  * One orc should go investigate the noise, and the other should
  return to dozing.

  * Just KILL the dozing ORC with your KNIFE and get out of there.

How do I cross the strip of flattened grass?

  * You can't.

How do I get upstairs in the store?:

  * You could just kill the shopkeeper with your knife.

  * That would be mean, however.  Also, It would get you no points.

  * You could just as easily distract the shopkeeper.

  * PUSH his DISPLAY, and then go upstairs while he's cleaning it up.

How do I get past the imp and the bear?:

  * The imp won't let you past while he's alive.

  * The bear won't let you kill the imp.

  * Solution: Kill the bear

  * Of course, the bear could maul you in seconds in close combat.

  * You need to kill it from a distance.

  * Get on the roof of the store and throw something heavy at
  the bear.  A knife, for instance.  (THROW the KNIFE at the BEAR.)

  * The imp is less than nothing in combat, so killing him should
  be easy without the bear to protect him.


How do I open the cave door?

  * You need a crowbar to pry it open.

  * If you tried to go upstairs in the store enough times, the
  shopkeeper would pull a crowbar out from behind the counter
  and threaten you with it.

  * Just LOOK BEHIND the COUNTER when the shopkeeper isn't around.

  * Alternately, you could just KILL the KEEPER WITH the KNIFE while
  he's holding the crowbar.

How do I throttle my dad?:

  * If you just wait patiently, you'll do it.

  * If your impatient, just KILL your FATHER.

How do I get out of my room?:

  * All you really want to do is escape from reality.

  * Look at the book you find on your desk.

  * You're big into fantasy and drawing.

  * Try DRAWing the DRAGON ON the PAD, while holding the pencil.
  Drawing Margoth works too.

  * You could, alternately, escape from your room.

  * You need some help to shimmy down your wall if you're leaving
  through the window.

  * First, OPEN the WINDOW, the TIE the SHEET TO the DESK and go
  north.  Then just go wherever.

I'm stuck in a police car!:

  * Just sit and wait, you've completed the game.


take cup
hit door with cup
get under bed
pull legs
search body
kill orc with knife
dig in bed with cup
throw cup at statue
kill orc with knife
push display
look behind counter
throw crowbar at bear
kill imp with knife
take crowbar
pry door with crowbar
kill dragon with knife
kill father
x bed
take sheet
tie sheet to desk
open window