The Citadel of Chaos (citadel_solution.txt)

The Citadel of Chaos
By Puffin Book 1984
Solution by Mr Creosote

This is valid for the C64 version. Unfortunately, the game is rather buggy,
rendering the original book solution impossible. There is still a way through,
but it depends on luck a little more and it is rather unsatisfying in a couple
of places. In case I'm mistaken and the intended solution of this computer
game is just a *different* one, please let me know! I've looked through all
sorts of shady corners of it already, however.

Choose the following spells:
Weakness (WKN)
Shield (SHD)
E.S.P. (ESP)
Levitation (LEV)
Creature Copy (COP) x3 (!)

Make the following choices in this order (I've ommitted the ones with just
a "continue" option):
Pose as a herbalist
Tiptoe through the shadows
Approach the group around the fire
Sit down with them (you learn the password "Scimitar")
Press for information about the vial
Draw sword and fight
(win the fight, receive a useless shiny key, a jar of ointment and a stamina
Turn towards the Citadel
Ignore the woman
Make your anger obvious
Knock three times
Say password
Go forwards to the door
Ring for the butler
Take the left fork (believe him)
Tiptoe into the room
(in the book, you would now have to fight him to receive a crucial item; since
he doesn't have it here, we bluff our way through)
Apologize for the disturbance
Say you're a guest
Take the right-hand door
Read about secrets of the Black Tower
(you learn that the lock combination is 217)
Leave room
Take the right-hand stairs
(in the book, we would take the left door to grab the golden fleece, but since
we never got the hairbrush...)
Try the door in the centre
Walk across to the far door
Take the left-hand door
Walk round to the other door
Look for an artefact to use
A jar of ointment
(We'd love to use the golden fleece now, but alas, we have to do it the
hard way)
Use a spell
Cast another spell
Cast a spell
Test your luck (if you fail, the game is over)
Enter the combination
(Although it was clearly 217 in the library, this will be rejected and you will
lose the game)
Cast a spell
(You face Balthus Dire)
Cast a spell
Cast a spell
Cast a spell
Over to the window
Pull drapes down and throw them over his head