Infra Arcana (InfraArcana_hints.txt)


In general, the sneaky route is strongly recommended. The Rogue class offers the
best prospects in this respect, and the following traits complement this
1. Imperceptible
2. Dexterous
3. Vicious


Reanimated/bloated corpses tend to get up again after being killed. Shooting
them with shotguns will usually stop this from happening. If the remains are
shown as a "skull & crossbones" icon, the danger is there. Kick
the remains ("w") to prevent it.

Worms of all kinds will spawn siblings at an enormous rate once they have
spotted you, i.e. their growth is exponential. Best to kill them on sight
without hesitation.


In the first ten levels or so, you should try to explore the levels completely
in order to find as many useful items as possible. After that, just push
downwards quickly. If you try to kill everybody, you will fail. Rather, if you
see the stairs, use them!

There are three special levels in the game.

Level 20: Pyramid

A tough mummy boss plus his entourage. They can't see you when you're
invisible, so you can use this to sneak close and throw Molotov Cocktails (all
these creatures are highly vulnerable to fire).

Level 31: Temple

The High Priest waits at the right hand part of a large open space. It is
generally advisable to sneak up taking the short detour on the top or bottom
side to remain unnoticed as long as possible. Staying close to the walls, it is
actually possible to get way to the right without being noticed.

The High Priest will summon hordes of monsters. Once he does this, it is
basically game over. He is also immune to fire, to Molotov Cocktails won't
help against him. He is vulnerable to dynamite, however, and it is possible to
throw it from a fairly safe distance in the right side corner.

To finish him off, throwing potions of paralyzation at him is almost mandatory.
While he is paralyzed, chop away with your best melee weapon. Potions of
blindness will work as well, but that will still give him the opportunity to
teleport away, which is quite annoying.

Level 32: Inner Sanctum

No danger anymore here; just pick the artifact up.