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Company: Broderbund
Year: 1989
Genre: Sport, Action
Theme: Individual Sports
Language: English, Français
Licence: Commercial
Views: 25601
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-12-03)

This is definitely one of the strangest games I've ever played! Not much action, not much thinking, not much variety. But nevertheless not a bad game. The point is merely to play a kind of airhockey in a pub. This 'sport' is a bit difficult to explain to those who've never seen it. But I'll try:

Two opponents sit on the opposite sides of a table. On the left and right, it is limited by small walls. Each player has a kind of bat with which they hit the 'ball' (more of a puck used for ice hockey in fact). The goal is to 'shoot' the puck off the table on the opponents' side. Defense and offense in made in one move. You always have just one shot to get the puck away from your side and to score.

The whole pub is crowded with people who are just waiting to play against you. Their abilities of course differ much! From wimps like the robot waiter to the almost unbeatable cracks like the boar everything's there. Some opponents also have special abilities. One weird looking guy for example drinks a glass of champagne for every points he scores. After some of those, his reactions get slower and his arms goes weaker...

Then there's a kind of wizard who always just 'mirrors' your shots! So if you use all your strength, it'll be quite hard for you if he manages to shoot back...

Apart from the single matches, you can also compete in a tournament. Nothing special about this though.

The controls by mouse work as good as it can be. Mouse movements are just converted into bat movements. No clicks or anything else required. So be sure you're mouse if clean! Otherwise you'll probably throw it out of the window in one of the more frustrating situations...

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The Rumpled Academic:
I only have vague memories of this game, as my Amiga version broke before I had much of a chance to play it. But what I do remember is quite possibly one of the most bizarre games on Amiga (and that's saying something!)