for PC (DOS)

Company: InterQuest Productions
Year: 1993
Genre: Puzzle
Theme: Humour
Language: English
Licence: Shareware
Views: 12824
Review by Elwood (2010-07-06)

We are talking about hamsters here, cute little fellows, which belong to the same family - namely Cricetidae - as their cousins the lemmings. Just as their distant relatives they are in need of help - your help! These little rascals are not trying to commit suicide - they are just plain stupid. They escaped from their cages and now wander around aimlessly... more or less. It's your task to keep them alive and guide them through different areas.

So much about the introduction - let's speak about the obvious: This game is a lot like the classic pretty much everyone has heard about: Lemmings. So this is the standard this game has to be compared with. You have a slightly different set of jobs for your rodents, they work just as well, the difference is not very big. It's pretty much the same idea - you can tear down walls, dig holes, build bridges and so on. My complaints on this subject would be more on the technical side. Some of the icons don't really give you an idea of what they stand for. You can look this up in the short manual (which is included in the download), but it would still be easier if you wouldn't have to pause the game and look through the list. It would definitely benefit the gameplay if the icons wouldn't leave any questions open. Still, once you know what they stand for it's alright as they don't look too similar. A second complain on the technical side is that the targetting is a bit hard sometimes - I tend to click more often then, but that leads to the effect using up those jobs too fast.

Apart from that the graphics are nice (of course always looking at them from the perspective of that time), the levels are also okayish. They lack the brilliance of the original, but are still nice puzzles.

All in all I would say every fan of the original Lemmings will enjoy this spin off. The download contains 15 levels. As this game is shareware it's also completely legal to download it. If you want more levels (60 are said to be available) you will have to buy the game. I am not sure if the given adress will still work - I haven't been able to locate the publishers anywhere on the internet, but drop me a line if you do!

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