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Company: Activision
Year: 1989
Genre: Simulation
Theme: Based on Other Media / Science Fiction
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 23791
Review by Zeyu (2010-11-20)

You start out as a character named Gideon Braver Vandenburg. His family was murdered and the chalice that proves he is the heir to the throne of the planet Anders Moon was stolen and without it he is exiled. He becomes a mercenary to seek revenge and sets out on a quest in the innersphere to search for clues to find out who killed his family and get back the chalice to reclaim the planet.

The main goal in the game is to search for the dark wing while doing mercenary stuff and you only have five years to do so. When you begin you only have a jenner mech to use in combat but after some battles you can earn the money to get a new mech.
Mechs can be sold or bought and repaired.

You request a mission to earn money and you can agree what amount of c-bills you earn with what percent you can confiscate and what percent is payable immediately. The missions choices you get are usually defend, destroy, and rescue or sometimes you don't have to do anything to win.

You can go to the bar to ask for info or recruit crew; also the bar is where the story is involved so go the bar if you want to continue the story.

The gameplay is kind of slow in the mechs with the walking and it is just walk to the other mech and shoot it up, rinse and repeat, but sometimes, they become scared and run away.
The jump jets in this game are different from Mechwarrior 2 in that you will damage your mech if don't fire your jets before you hit the ground.

The graphics are o.k. for 3d mechs, they shoot and blow stuff up and thats what counts. The sound is alright but is lacking music (I am more used to the music playing in Mechwarrior 2 or 3).

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Mr Creosote:
A very good simulation, in my opinion. The missions are often quite tense.