Bio Menace (487)

System: PC
Company: Apogee
Year: 1993
Genre: Action
Theme: Apocalypse / Police & Gangsters
Language: English
Licence: Shareware

Bio Menace (ID: 487)

2 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
Raw (.IMG)
v1.1 registered
SHA1 Hashes:

2ffc1ea203c085c9f19feda4241984c4fb594d98  disk1.img
7ef3a391ce171c344ec50a5968d50b5754e512cb  disk2.img
Added: 2018-06-07
Edited: 2020-04-20

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Maverick1978 (2015-10-12):
I remember this as a fun play back in the day, but I've never went back to it. I always loved that this was made with the same engine as Commander Keen's Vorticon's trilogy, but I always felt that the animation of Snake's movement was somewhat lacking in comparison. I also remember the game crashing out repeatedly on my 486 back in the day - perhaps that's contributed to my never having given this a second chance. I might have to fix that soon, as the game was enjoyable up to that damnable crash.
Bio's Menace (2000-11-04):

I don't know if you should be alowing a download to this. I would contact apogee on
but i don't know.

Oh, and this game rocks!

sourav (2000-11-04):
man thuis game of old is just good enough for a good time passs
Arno (2000-11-04):

I like this old stuff - it's so wonderful naive and directly. And not always too easy. Think of Jill part III for instance.

Greetings around, Arno.

fireryone (2000-11-04):
I hope this is worth the 1.62mb download the description sounded ok.