Bio Menace
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Apogee
Year: 1993
Genre: Action
Theme: Apocalypse / Police & Gangsters
Language: English
Licence: Shareware
Views: 45781
Review by Gesh (2000-11-04)

You will play as Snake Logan, a top-secret CIA agent sent to the most dangerous mission ever - to deal with the hundreds of monsters attacking Metro City and destroying everythig in their path. No one knows why and you are our last hope. Original, no? Well, to make things even more difficult, your plane is shot while flying over Metro City and after salvaging the destroyed plane, you find one machine gun. Time to secure the perimeter.
When you start playing you will immediately notice how similar this game is to other platforms like Commander Keen and Duke Nukem. There's something different though (besides the title screen) - you can THROW grenades and there are enemies that can jump from one place to another.

The weapon you start and play most with, is the machine gun you have from the beginning. Scattered around the levels there are a lot of power-ups you can use though - clips for automatic fire, plasma bolts (very powerful but only 20 in a clip), 2 types of grenades (very nice since they are much more powerful than normal ammo and you can throw them far ahead) and a thing called RoboPal that flies around and fires when you fire.

Around the levels you find closets that can be opened with yellow keys you can find elsewhere in the level too. Most often they hold items that give you points, but sometimes you need to find an item cruical for the completion of the level. And to complete a level you need to do one of two things - free a hostage or (if it is a boss level) - kill the boss. To free the hostage you must find him/her and turn off a beam to get to them - and to turn off the beam you need to find special “shards”. Once freed the hostage dissapears in thin air, but not before giving you a key to turn off another beam that blocks the exit. If it's a boss level, killing the boss is enough to get the key. Ther are also secret levels full of cool things - but you need to find the “Secret Level Gem” in the previous level and it's usually not easy because they're hidden.

If you are used to playing Unreal Tournament or Q3 Arena you might need some time to get familiar with the graphics, but after that you'll find out that BioMenace is one very cool and addictive game.

There's an excellent hint document that comes with the game - after installing start Bm-hint.exe.

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I remember this as a fun play back in the day, but I've never went back to it. I always loved that this was made with the same engine as Commander Keen's Vorticon's trilogy, but I always felt that the animation of Snake's movement was somewhat lacking in comparison. I also remember the game crashing out repeatedly on my 486 back in the day - perhaps that's contributed to my never having given this a second chance. I might have to fix that soon, as the game was enjoyable up to that damnable crash.
Bio's Menace:

I don't know if you should be alowing a download to this. I would contact apogee on
but i don't know.

Oh, and this game rocks!

man thuis game of old is just good enough for a good time passs

I like this old stuff - it's so wonderful naive and directly. And not always too easy. Think of Jill part III for instance.

Greetings around, Arno.

I hope this is worth the 1.62mb download the description sounded ok.