Carmageddon (Carmageddon_Quick_Reference_Guide.7z)

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6/6?.. Really?.. I could never understand what kept people playing this, as i would never enjoy it myself. The physics of the game were abundantly flawed, and the point of the game.. breaking other cars and running random people over?.. Hm, not exactly the best layout ever. By the way, i remember the days when this and Midtown Madness alongside were very popular.. but i seriously can't see why. I can understand why people love GTA, at least it provided them with good scenery (although still bad physics, up to the present day), but.. uh. Nevermind.
Mr Creosote:
dropping from a skyscraper with an enemy below, just to smash it when hitting the floor

Right. So much for the hailed "realism" ;)