Diplomacy (Diplomacy_Manual.txt)


The game of diplomacy is played in years consisting of three seasons: Spring,
Fall and Winter.  The Spring and Fall turns are when the players issue orders
for movement of their existing units (armies and fleets).  In the Winter turn,
supply center owners

HOW TO ISSUE ORDERS (Spring and Fall turns)
There are three possible orders for each unit on the board: hold, move or
support.  In addition, fleets have a fourth option, "convoy" of an
army from
one coast to another.  In general, orders are issued by selecting the
provinces involved.  This is done
the province and clicking the left mouse button.  Each order requires 3
   the province containing the unit being ordered,
   the province containing the unit that is moving,
   and the destination province.
Clicking on these three provinces is usually enough to fully describe the

   HOLD: click three times on the province containing the unit.
         (remember to click on the NAME of the province)

   MOVE: click twice on the province containing the unit to move;
         click the province where the unit is going.

SUPPORT: click the province containing the unit providing the support;
         click the province containing the unit receiving the support;
         if the supporting unit is a fleet in the water and the supported
         unit is an army on the coast, then a requester will ask you to
         select between "support" or "convoy"; select
         click the province where the supported unit is going/staying.

 CONVOY: same as SUPPORT but select "convoy" at requester.  Note that
         convoy order is not valid unless the unit being convoyed is ordered
         to move to the same province.

A text representation of the order will be constructed in the upper right
message area as each order is input.  The entire list of orders can be viewed
on-screen or printed out at any time during order entry by selecting the
proper item on the "orders" me

When all orders have been entered correctly, a click on the end gadget in the
lower right corner will signal the computer to resolve the orders.  A
requester will ask where to print the results of the orders.  Sending this
list to the printer ("print") is

After the order results have been listed, the map is adjusted based on these
results and all required retreats, if any, are announced.  The computer will
then request the destinations for each retreating unit.  The "end"
gadget can
be used to order a unit to disband.

At the end of the Fall turn, the computer will automatically adjust supply
ownership.  Then the numbers of supplies owned will be compared to the number
of units deployed for each power.  Build or disband orders will be requested
from each power as required.


   These commands affect the entire game and can be used anytime.

   TO BACK - sends game screen behind workbench,etc to allow multitasking

       NEW - restarts game at Spring 1901 (or whatever configuration is
             specified in Data/new.data)

       OLD - loads previously saved game (requires entry of name of game

      SAVE - saves current game configuration in file on disk for later
             retrieval using OLD command

      QUIT - closes game screen and returns to workbench/CLI

   These commands list the year and current supply ownership

     PRINT - output list to printer; includes list of units for each power;
             this is handy to produce worksheet for writing orders during
             diplomacy period

      VIEW - show list on screen

   These commands list all units by power and their current order.  This
   menu is only active during order entry.

     PRINT - output list to printer

      VIEW - show list on screen

   These commands give the user raw power to adjust the game to any
   configuration.  Although the game has been play-tested and is believed to
   follow the rules accurately in resolving orders, gamemasters can chose to
   over-ride the decisions and adjust the map to what they believe is

      UNIT - build/change/disband a unit; the unit in the province selected
             is replaced by the unit built

    SUPPLY - change/eliminate ownership of a supply province