Kether (kether_hints.txt)

If you're playing on an emulator, it may happen that your lives and energy
bar are not displayed. It should not be a huge deal for the lives. Concerning
the energy: you lose one slot each time you hit an obstacle (flying sequence) or
you are attacked by a monster (maze). The green orbs (flying) restore your
energy completely. So usually, it is a good idea to catch them even if it means
taking one or two hits. In the mazes, visiting any room will restore your
energy, so you should consider doing so regularly especially if you cannot see
your current amount.

The flying sequences are always split into two sub-scenes. After the first one,
you will get a message from the Emperor of Light. Don't skip it right away,
as he actually gives you a useful hint. Look at the colour of the star on his
forehead. If you die in the following scene, you are transported to a surreal
corridor. Try hitting the star of the same colour to continue right where you
left off. Any other star will instead teleport you to another temple.

In the final room of each temple, you will receive a message from Eta Carene.
Due to the same display bug, the stars (part of the code necessary to open the
baddies space ship) will probably not really be visible when they should be.
They can be seen for a split second at the beginning and at the end.