for C64

Company: DKTronics
Year: 1983
Genre: Strategy
Theme: Politics / Text-based
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 25383
Review by std (2003-05-01)

Since we were still talking about Saddam_Hussein_the_bad_dictator & George_Bush_the_good_pacifist & The_war_in_the_name_of_peace and all that, why don't we put up here a dictator sim. Yup, and a pretty darn addictive one.

Dictator puts you in the position of a president from a (probably) south-american country (the name is fictive so that there are no discriminations), having trouble with the Leftotan neighbours and a guerilla war. You come as a dictator and must make a powerful country out of Ritimbia.

To achieve this, you must choose your politics wisely. You are a dictator so you can do many things enabling you to please or strengthen certain groups, actions that increase or decrease your popularity. For example, allowing peasants to move freely will raise your popularity among the peasants, but would decrease your popularity among the landowners and secret police. Strengthening up your secret police will decrease your popularity among the army and so on. Aside from Leftotans, Russia and USA are involved, Russia being allied with the Leftotans. Decreasing the Leftotans' power will allow you to avoid a war, but wouldn't allow you to have Russia granting you a loan in case of emergency. Speaking of loans, you also have a sign of control over finances. You can ask for international aids, rent naval bases or sell mines. This way, you can get some cash. How you use the cash will make a difference. You can buy an escape helicopter for you, or you can use the money to build up a better army. Building up a better army will allow you to attack guerillas, and defend against the Leftotans. Getting an escape helicopter would allow you to get out of the country safely in case of a revolution. All these are decisions you must take and that **DO** affect the events.

There are only a few problems with Dictator. First of all, the game is not customizable at all. You can't even enter your name or your country's name. This makes it repetitive after a time. Besides that, there are no graphics, just text (so ok now, the game got out in 1983, so it IS 20 years old…) and the sound makes your ears bleed. But even so, you are likely to get addicted to this game. And, after all, who doesn't want to be a dictator…shame you can't build your own palace :) !!!

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I remember playing this one a lot, very interesting game, and I don't think graphics would have made it any better.