for PC (DOS)

Company: Spectrum HoloByte
Year: 1989
Genre: Sport, Action
Theme: Driving / Multiplayer / Unique
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 15498
Review by ReggidMusic (2010-02-10)

Vette is a racing game that speaks for itself, you can drive a Corvette against other people. You get to drive in San Francisco and it only has 4 courses to race. The key is to get to the finish line anyway you can. You begin by selecting a Corvette Model like the stock, ZR1, and has the modified ones like the Callaway Twin turbo and the Corvette Sledge Hammer. You can also press space to do a dyno test to see how fast the car can go. While racing, you can get pulled over by a cop and you could come up with excuses why you were driving fast (like “my accelerator got stuck” or “rushing to the hospital to see my wife” or even “i gotta go to the bathroom so bad” then you get the ticket anyway.

What's you unique about this game is that you basically have a whole map of San Francisco to drive, especially finding an alternative but fast route. You can continue to race the guy or you can tour around the whole city by turning “Tour Mode” on from the menu and pressing T to teleport to any landmark like Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland Bay Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Transamerica Pyramid, Lombard Street, etc. This kind of game resembles today's games like Driver, Midtown Madness, Grand Theft Auto, etc. Almost like the first game to feature a free roaming mode for a whole city (well I did think that until i overlooked an older game, called Turbo Esprit, thats the first one compared to this game). You can also play by modem against real world gamers.

The graphics are 3D but some seem unshaded and some can be like walls but that was back then when they didn't have the graphics like we have today with Xbox360 or PS3. You also have many views like the dashboard and the outside screen. The dash also features the name of the street you're on and if it has lights or stop signs and speed limits.

In conclusion, this is almost a classic version of games like Midtown Madness but only with corvettes with a nice map to explore.

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