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My brother introduced me to my love of computers. I played Test Drive, Jet Fighter, F-19 stealth and Falcon 3.0 on my brother's 286, and wanted a computer for myself. That Christmas I got my first computer, a 386DX-25Mhz, 4MB of RAM and an 80MB hard drive. I graduated to a 40Mhz upgrade ($400 upgrade..shesh) a year later, then a 486DX2-66 when Strike Commander came out, then a Pentium 90Mhz overclocked to 100Mhz... my first overclock.

Right now I'm sporting a 4.4GHz six-core i7 cpu, 24GB DDR2 1600MHz RAM, 8TB hard drive space, and a 512MB SSD Raid array. But I miss my 386DX-25MHz and editing Autoexec.bat/config.sys files.

Right now my hobbies are going to thrift stores and picking up computers that originally cost $8,000 for $5.00 and restoring them to their former glory.

My rarest piece of equipment: Adlib 8-bit ISA card
My favorite CPU: 486DX2-66
Favorite piece of hardware: 8-bit Sound Blaster ISA card, $95, bought at Software Etc. so many years ago.
Best upgrade ever: Going from an old Pentium 233MMX computer to a Pentium 933MHz (my first and last ever Dell desktop).
Favorite DOS games: Wing Commander series, Falcon 3.0, Ultima 7 series, Civilization, Doom, **STAR CONTROL II**
Fondest memory: Hooking up Sound Blaster 8-bit card to hear the sound for Wing Commander...the "holy shit, that is SO COOL" factor was beyond belief...i spent all night playing Wing Commander with kick-ass digitized sound.

NEW SYSTEM FOUND: 386DX-40Mhz, 4MB RAM, SB16, 210MB IDE. Total RETRO system.
CURRENT System 1: 486DX-33(DX2-66,DX4-100), 16MB RAM, SB16 w/MIDI card, 540MB IDE, 2GB CF IDE, Stealth Pro VLB card
CURRENT System 2: Pentium-90MHZ, 64MB RAM, AWE64, 4.3GB IDE, Matrox Millenium, Voodoo 2 12MB PCI.
CURRENT System 3: Pentium II 500MHZ, 256MB RAM, AWE64, 10GB IDE, Geforce 2 mx400 PCI (VOODOO 3 AGP)