Stunt Car Racer
for Amiga (OCS/ECS)
Also available for: C64

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Company: Microstyle
Year: 1988
Genre: Sport, Simulation
Theme: Driving / Multiplayer
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 23155
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-11-12)

Before he began to make “serious” racing sims like Formula 1 Grand Prix, Geoff Crammond created this Amiga classic. It is set in a fictional (or let's say I hope it is fictional) Stunt Car league. There are four divisions and the player of course starts in the fourth. In each division there are two courses on which all three drivers (of the division) have to race against each other in head-to-head duels. Points are awarded for the best lap and the winner. At the end of the season, the best driver of each division gets to the higher division, while the last one is relegated.

The special aspect of the game are the courses. You don't drive on an ordinary road on the ground but on a track built some feet to many metres above the ground! If you're not careful, you'll just fall down. In this case, a kind of crane will put you back on the track, but you've lost worthy time of course then. And your car is of course not unbreakable! Too much damage will simply destroy it. There's a “bar” on the top of the screen which indicates how much damage you've already taken. If the crack spans the whole width, you're wrecked and have lost.

The courses are overall well designed, with many curves, hills and jumps. Sometimes, they're not even static, but move around a bit. When e.g. a draw bridge is just about to go up, you'd better slow down or otherwise you'll crash right into it...

There are many options that will keep you playing a very long time! Single players can try to win the championship, but even if they win in the first division, there's still the “Super League”. The save funtion makes is much more comfortable because it's not necessary to start all over again everytime. Then there's the option to link two computers to race against each other. Great idea, although I doubt it'll work with an emulator - too bad!

Stunt Car Racer is simply quick fun. The seasons and races don't take hours to complete, everything's always moving. Just the way I like it!

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james (2003-05-01):
oh my god - i remember playing this game when i was 5 years old!!! does anyone know where to get this from? (ps im 19 now so thats AGES ago!)
Anderz (2000-11-12):


I have this game on Amiga 500.
It`s wery fun. But suddenly it don`t work. The game is wery difficult. Espeacely when i couldn`t save. I wish i could get this game to work.

blommaert steve (2000-11-12):
i never had a better time in my live than on a amiga
The Rumpled Academic (2000-11-12):
I love this game on my Amiga, but I can never get past league 3. This game is very, very hard once you get past league 2. Beware.