Little Samson
for NES

Alternate Titles: 聖鈴伝説リックル (Seirin Densetsu Lickle)
Company: Taito
Year: 1992
Genre: Action
Theme: Misc. Fantasy
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 11250
Review by Wandrell (2009-02-02)

What to do when the big evil wipes away all your armies? Call a bunch of heroes, of course. And fuse them on a magical item so they can travel faster or something. Ok, who cares? Don’t pay much attention to the plot, as this is just a Megaman clone.

Instead of beating enemies to steal their powers you have four characters to choose, each different to each other, and each carrying their own life bar. These are a human, a dragon, a golem and a mouse.

For the beginning they had the nice detail of making a sample level for each of the characters, so you can take a quick look and see what is this all about. And it looks good.

The mouse is the faster, little life but leaves bombs and can walk through walls and ceilings. The human can grab walls and jump from one to the other, and also kneel. The dragon flies for a short time and can charge his shot. And the golem just can walk over spikes and has a lot of life.

Sadly it isn’t put to much use. Levels are short and easy, and the branching exits matter little. So you end not needing any planning or any kind of smart swap, which maybe is a bless as you can’t swap on the fly, it would get tedious soon.

So I thought this one was going to be good. A nice Megaman clone, with some twists even. Like when all the characters arrive but the dragon refuses to fuse with the bell and attacks you, becoming the first boss.

What a luck. When something at first looks promising you keep playing at it soon gets monotonous. All the levels look nearly the same, and the bosses are always shoots-hides-raises-and-repeats. Branching levels, characters with different skills, life-increasing objects… It all becomes a boring gimmick.

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