Los Justicieros
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Dinamic Multimedia
Year: 1996
Genre: Action
Theme: Fighting / Western
Language: Castellano
Licence: Commercial
Views: 12935
Review by Wandrell (2009-02-27)

The Zorton brothers and their dangerous criminal band threaten the town. You won’t find any worse kind to the west of the Pecos River, but they won’t find any better shooter than you (let’s hope). Prepare your revolver, and get ready to shoot in this famous Spanish arcade conversion.

So, yes, what you have here is one of those coin eaters where you grab a gun, point to the screen and lose all your lives so you can keep expending money. Just that luckily you won’t have to expend all your quarters, even if the game keeps as deadly.

That doesn’t mean there is no money on this game. I suppose it’s just for the PC version (I’ve never played to the arcade, which was named “Zorton Brothers”), but after each action section you can change look around the corpses in search of money, bullets, and sometimes a better weapon.

These are just a pair: the shotgun which hits anything on the screen, and the rifle that carries more bullets than a revolver. And both have the quality of keeping as hard hitting enemies. Because there is a little problem, enemies only detect hits when they ready their weapon. Not when they grab, and of course not when they shoot.

This can be a headache. The game is one of those FMV that became so popular when CDs appeared, and they have noticeable limits. For starters sometimes you can’t even know they have a weapon on their hand as it all becomes a blurry mess, and other times it’s just a bunch of completely arbitrary frames what you should shoot at.

Still the game is quite fun, thanks to the western plot, even when you feel they have cut half of the film and the plot turns make no sense. And even if you reach a point where the game is stopped and you have to do puzzles and search for a map while having random duels.

But, who cares? It’s a western, you shoot. You even do unsheathing duels. And you won’t find a game looking more like a western. Obviously, as it was done in Spain, the same place where the spaghetti westerns where filmed, the look.

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By the way, if somebody wonders about the difference of size between both versions, it's just the Windows one was part of a collection and came with some extras. Demos and such. As far as I know it was never published outside that collection (but also I didn't know about the MS-Dos version).