Magic Pockets
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Bitmap Brothers
Year: 1991
Genre: Action
Theme: Humour
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 12382
Review by Elwood (2010-07-10)

Light off, spot on for the coolest boy in town: Bitmap Kid! (Yes, that's his real name.)

Don't ask for any background story here, that's completely irrelevant. You get a Jump 'n Run here with some uncommon ideas. The first and main thing about this is the versatility of your main weapon. Now... don't ask me what that is supposed to be. As it looks the Bitmap Kid is able to throw little whirlwinds out of his pocket. According to the time you keep the fire button pressed this whirlwind can also be quite big. The biggest variant will often turn monsters into some sort of point delivering goodie. That variant also has another ability: If you step on it it will hurl you up into the air - in that mode you can get higher than with normal jumping and also you can bounce through monsters. Downside is a certain lack of control over your movement. For some tasks you need it though.

Apart from the whirlwind induced rolling movement there's also other ways of getting around. Sometimes you find bicycles - while riding one you cannot shoot whirlwinds, but you don't need to, because with the speed you get through it you can also bounce bad boys out of your way. Another method that's needed sometimes is chewing gum. Obvious, isn't it? Make a bubble with it and fly... ahem...

This game - just like Gods, which was made by the same guys in the same year - belongs to the absolutely best Jump 'n Runs of all times. The graphics and music is great - superb even if you consider that all this is from 1991! Others still published their games in EGA back then - even CGA was still used...

For every Jump 'n Run fan this one's a definite must. Everyone who even remotely enjoys the genre should still try it. This game set the standards in this category.

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In Magic Pockets you control a small boy that has infinitely big pockets. He can throw all kinds of stuff from them, and also collect anything inside.