Lost Eden
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Cryo
Year: 1995
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Misc. Fantasy
Language: English, Français, Castellano
Licence: Commercial
Views: 14633
Review by Wandrell (2010-08-29)

This is one of those that at first look great. Seems to be original, and having a weird world. And then you find that it's about building fortresses for your people, and gathering them against the bad guys. Hell, it may be another Dune! But then you play, and hell, this isn't another Dune.

It's simple and repetitive. You end always doing the same. Got to the new region, find the people there after exploring all the “rooms” and then proceed to build the fortress. This means means giving the same objects to the dinosaurs and getting the humanoids to follow you. Ok, one of the steps changes from place to place, but barely.

At least there are a few story sections in the game, they are more interesting than what you end doing most of the time, but still they are few, and they don't save a game too short and simple. Of course, it also ends on a rushed ending, where suddenly you save the world with a deus ex machina that comes from nowhere.

The idea behind the game, and this is one of the nice touches, is creating a fantasy game with a different setting. In this case the time of the Pangea, where humans (or several humanoid tribes at least) live along the dinosaurs, and have created an empire. But as usual, the empire fell down, and now the evil carnivorous dinosaurs have gathered into armies, and travel around the world, conquering and devouring.

So you, being the prince and all that, decide to save the day recovering the secret of the Architect, one of your ancestors, who built the fortified cities which made the bad guys flee to the north.

And that's all. Because all the game ends with you go from place to place, building these things, having one or two adventures and then the game ends. Sadly, this could have been a good game, but right now the only positive qualities it has is the music, which is by far the best thing in the game, and the weird world.

A last step before Cryo finally became the creators of plastic looking simplistic adventures, but which still keeps a bit of their better past.

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