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Longtime contributor and verbose commentator. Loves Roleplaying Games, Adventures and Puzzle Games. Gets strangely nostalgic when he enters a DOS prompt, hears a Gameboy *ding* or sees horrible colour palettes. Always good for a second opinion on everything.

Verbose Version

I am the sum of all things that led up to creation of these words. – M.

Well, to give you the short and less ominous version of it: I am a PC centred gamer, with a strong preference for adventure, puzzle and roleplaying games, who also likes to play the one or the other first person shooter or racing game. The games I like the least are probably dedicated sports games (especially soccer or football). Occasionaly I dig out my Game Boy and relive some Nintendo Nostalgia, though nowadays I mostly prefer the PSP for portable gaming.

I am also a fan of the abandonware movement, even if it is not quite as active as it used to be around the millennium, when I first stumbled upon sites like The Depot, Home of the Underdogs and this fine one you are browsing right now. Most of the time I have been a rather passive follower, until I decided to get a bit more active and start writing for The Good Old Days a couple of years ago.

As for what good and/or old means to me, here are some of my most favourite games, chosen totally at random: Fallout, Thief, Gothic, Screamer, Pushover, Me & My Katamari, Space Quest, Eye of the Beholder II, Gargoyle‘s Quest, Sam & Max, The Incredible Machine, The Book of Unwritten Tales, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Quest for Glory, Tetris, Blood and Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny.