Super Jeopardy!
for PC (DOS)

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Alternate Titles: Talking Super Jeopardy!
Company: GameTek
Year: 1991
Genre: Puzzle
Theme: Based on Other Media / Quiz
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 91674
Review by Atjohns97 (2016-12-24)

Jeopardy, almost all of us know what it is, and play it with ourselves almost nightly along with the TV. So when I saw this at a thrift store for a couple dollars I thought: Why not? The game game on a 3.25" floppy disk with a handy little install manual. It supported on-board sound as well as four graphics modes: CGA, EGA, MCGA, and VGA. For a game from 1991 the colors are absolutely EYE POPPING, they all mixed so well together and gave me a very immersive feeling, almost as if I was in front of my TV watching it.

On to gameplay: the game has the option to play alone as well as with up to 4 players, AI or with friends. Though it is hard to imagine four friends huddled around a keyboard and scrambling over each other to buzz in first. Then again, there would be a few good funny stories to tell when speaking about playing this game, as well as the very gaudy and overdone Alex Trebek. There are many categories of questions to choose from in the game, though none of them are extremely difficult, Final Jeopardy is easy to win just about every time, and categories repeat themselves every now and again. Not too often to be a bother but often enough to be noticeable.

There isn't a great deal of time one can invest into this game. No lengthy hours at your computer trying to get a high score or show off to your friends. It is, however, a very nice game to sit down and dick around with for a bit. I hooked up my PC speakers to my Soundblaster 16 and had fun toying around and getting the Jeopardy theme song to not be so… ear splitting. For a game from a thrift store I got exactly what I expected: nothing blowing me out of the water, but a good way to waste time and poke around a bit with PC settings and graphics.

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