Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen
for PC (DOS)

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Company: New World Computing
Year: 1992
Genre: RPG
Theme: Sword & Sorcery
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 101420
Review by bacheshatonee (2011-08-04)

This was one of my favorite games when it came out. I had been a huge fan of the Might and Magic series.

The gameplay is a bit cumbersome by modern standards, requiring the use of function keys and without good mouse support, but the story is entertaining with many side quests to keep you entertained. There are a couple of key quests which are required to complete the game, but in general the world is open to exploration and much of the game need not be completed to “win” the game; you are not tied down to one path or location and are free to wander as you please.

The world is expansive and travel is fairly open with movement through certain terrain types requiring special skills, all of which are easily obtained in the major cities. The inventory and weapons are extensive enough to not be repetitive, but will also not have anything an experienced RPG gamer won't recognize. The magic system is straight forward with a simple spell point system.

Animations are simplistic with arrows and sparkles for spells and simplistic blood splatters on the monsters for melee attacks. Monster animations are simplistic but unique enough to be entertaining. The world is separated into a grid pattern so navigation is fairly simplistic. Each area is its own grid which is mapped automatically for you, as long as you have the correct skill. Graphics were decent for its time with some very good transitions and animations.

While not being a game for everyone it is definitely worth while for those that love a good RPG. With some hotkey creation this is a perfect candidate for loading on a DOS emulator on a smart phone. While not requiring extensive time or detailed notes to be able to play, thanks to an in game note taker that will record important information for you, this is still entertaining for those long bus or subway rides or while waiting at the airport.

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Curiously, I've been unable to repeat it on DosBox.
Mr Creosote:

Don't worry, Wandrell, it"s exactly the opposite. What Hirschacker is saying is that his version of MM5 (probably a later release) actually asks him explicitly whether he wants to join it with MM4 to create "World". So no need for any manual copying in that case, the installer does it all automatically.

Interesting tidbit about the translation issues there, though :)

Ok, I get this is some installation problem you are talking about. If there is a problem, I can upload the versions I have, but can't assure anything about the translations of M&M games, they are quite buggy. The Spanish version of M&M4, I think it was that one, has a memory overflow error just at the beginning due to a text being too big, and also the german versions I've tested to add into my collection gave some problems. Not much testing here.