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Company: Bally Midway
Year: 1983
Genre: Action
Theme: Business / Humour
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 21605
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-05-05)

A very simple game for quick fun. Its attractiveness is caused by its original theme: As a waiter you have to serve the rushing-in customers.

But they are very impatient. Aparantely they are alcoholics. Their appearance points to that: unkempt beards and hair hidden under (probably) greasy hats. But also their behaviour lets you become suspicious about their addiction. They can't even wait for their beer (the game does not know other drinks) for some seconds. No, they need it immediately! And if you do not serve them at once, they will pull you over the bar.

On each of the four long bars a customer runs in your direction. Quickly you fill a glass and push it in his direction. If you are lucky, he will just disappear with the pub's property. Otherwise he will drink it immediately. Then he tosses the glass back to you, so that you have to catch it and fill it again. If a glass breaks (either if you do not catch it, or if you accidently serve two to one customer) or if an unsatisfied customer reaches you, you will lose a life.

The handling is very easy: You can only move between four fixed places. The fire button lets you fill a glass and serve it at the same time. But even this cannot prevent the hectic on which the game is mainly based. As I said, Tapper is a game for short breaks. Nothing more, nothing less. But for these few kilobytes, it's really well done!

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For anyone who cares, there are three different versions of the original arcade game:

-"Tapper" has the Budweiser branding and was apparently phased out because Midway got yelled at about advertising alcohol to minors.
-The rerelease "Root Beer Tapper" removes the branding and changes the music.
-There's an alternate version of Tapper that is linked to Sega. Instead of Budweiser, it features the Japanese brewer Suntory.

Mr Creosote:
Concerning the game's size, consider that the original, Tapper, is a commercial game. Though I must admit I'm convinced this licensing tag is actually a mistake on our side; Beertender is a freeware game. Unless anyone brings up proof of the opposite, I will change it in the database.

about Falcon Beertender, do you have more information about it? On many sites its license status is FREEWARE,but on your is commercial.It's so small to be commercial.Did status maybe changed from commercial to freeware?