Mystic Towers
für PC (DOS)

Firma: Apogee
Jahr: 1994
Genre: Denkspiel, Action
Thema: Sonstige Fantasy
Sprache: English
Lizenz: Shareware
Aufrufe: 18778
Rezension von Wandrell (15.12.2005)

The Baron Baldric goes to the puzzle and trap filled lazarine towers of his wizard ancestors in a mission for clearing them of monsters in this isometric adventure.

Each time you go inside one of them the doors will close, and remain so until you have killed all the creatures and destroyed the monster generator, located always in the third and middle tower level, to avoid more of them from appearing. Only then you will get the main gate key and advance to the next tower.

For this you have a bunch of spells at your disposition: sulphur, poison cloud, fireball... The main part of them for killing, but there are also a few tools: healing, with obvious effect; reveal, for showing secrets in the room or activating hidden things; bombs, for blowing up the generator; teleport, for quick travels around the tower using the proper pentagrams; and levitation, that will raise you a over the floor, allowing you to reach higher places and avoid the traps.

The traps that, along with puzzles, will be one of your main problems, more if you are playing in the wizard towers, of higher difficulty. They range from hidden poison tiles or shooting heads in the walls to bombs that fall from the ceiling (which with a bit of skill and luck can become powerful weapons). For its side, the puzzles normally are platform related, moving objects around or jumping over invisible platforms; with a bunch of lever combination, and some keys that must be found around the tower.

Scattered around the tower there are more things than keys, over the floor and tables, or hidden under other objects you can find a few power-ups that will give you an advantage against the monsters, treasures for points (and so also lives), coins to spend in the spell expeditors and food and water, for the vital hunger and thirst statistics in the game. Stay well fed and your wound will heal. Become famished or dry and you may end dead.

The game is simple, but with many good points for staying fun in his twelve towers.

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