for PC

Company: Creative Edge / Panasonic Interactive
Year: 1995
Genre: Strategy, Action
Theme: Cartoon & Comic
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 35735
Review by Smitle (2006-08-25)

Baldies is a real time strategy game.


The plot is simple, you have to lead the Baldies to victory over the Hairies.


This is a standard build, research and attack game (no hunting for resources). There are four types of Baldie, breeder (Red), builder (Blue), soldiers (Green), and scientist (White). When the first house is built you have to pick up Baldies and place them in the house (just by dropping them on the house), and then double click on the house for an internal view which consists of four rooms (one for each of the colours) and a hallway. It is possible to move the Baldies from one room to another via the hallway. This allows you to branch into different spheres of research and breeding. For example if you have mostly red then your Baldies will multiply alarmingly. Once four houses have been built you will have access to the “shovel” and the “angel wings”. The shovel allows you to extend the land or even remove little sections of the land so as there is only water underneath (I enjoyed going onto my enemies land and trapping his men and drowning them). The angel wings allows you to select a group of Baldies with the mouse and send them where you like (even onto your opponents land).


The graphics are cute and cartoon like in appearance and therefore not system intensive and should work on older machines.


Simple and effective, like the sound of Baldies punching each other, or the flapping of wings when angel wings is used. There are slider bars to alter the level of sound for both music and effects in the options menu which is a white box in the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Technical Notes

When the game first starts the little Baldies run around at supersonic speed, but this can be altered by a slider bar in options (bottom right handed corner) so they go at a more reasonable pace. This game is originally for Windows 95, but I had no problems running it in Windows XP.

Summing Up

This is an enjoyable game that I can see me returning to to time and again, as there are one hundred levels to complete. Good fun and that is all you can ask of a game.

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