for PC (DOS)

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Company: Opera Soft
Year: 1987
Genre: Action
Theme: Humour
Language: Castellano
Licence: Commercial
Views: 23708
Review by Wandrell (2008-02-24)

Goody is about a thief in search of a big bank to clean. An easy job if the streets, buildings, sewers and everything between his hideout and the place were not as filled with dangers.

Similar to another classic Opera's game this is mainly action oriented. It's a platformer where you must make good use of your weapon and legs to reach the end of the game.

Yet it is not a simple game. Those two things have a bit of detail on them, if you hold the shoot button, which throws one of the infinite bricks he seems to store on his pockets, the attack will be sent in a higher angle; and if you jump you will raise slightly, but the more you move the farther and higher you will jump.

And there are the items. You have a ladder which you put wherever you please (but remember to take it back) and there is money around the city which serves for buying tools at the shop, used for opening your way.

There are limitations to those tools, you can only carry a few and you can only select the active one at certain places. But don't get worried, the city is filled with different paths, and even thought some are for getting more numbers of the bank's strongbox you have always at least the sewers to avoid obstacles.

But you can't avoid the enemies. There are all kinds of things trying to get rid of you: rats, the police, gorillas, ghosts and even the moon, the great number of weird enemies is one of Goody's charms. Usually all they need to kill you is just touching you, or you touching whatever they throw. But some of them aren't dangerous and you can pass through them as the worst they can do is pushing you. Yet don't take risks because if a particular one gets too close he will steal all of your money (which luckily reappears where you took it) and then kill you.

It's a fast game, with good controls making it also quick and easy to play. A game where you must be continually moving for avoiding dangers or getting rid of them. It isn't an easy game, it isn't a tedious game but after playing a bit you will se why you start with fifteen lives.

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Hola, este juego me encantaba. Era un vicio. Gracias!!!!
You should've mentioned in the description of the game, that it's originally a Spectrum game. Some of those migrated to PC... anyway, i was never fond of this one. It seemed too difficult to me.