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Played together with his little brother cute Nintendo games and gambled undercover Wolfenstein and Larry on the PC. But real nostalgic feelings only come up with the C64 and 8-bit consorts. Passion for everything that is cyberspaced, fun and fast.

Mr Creosote

Website founder. Likes adventure and strategy games. Enjoys perfection, but cannot help finding the fly in the ointment. Has a weak spot for the obscure and loves the beauty of imperfection.

Herr M.

Longtime contributor and verbose commentator. Loves Roleplaying Games, Adventures and Puzzle Games. Gets strangely nostalgic when he enters a DOS prompt, hears a Gameboy *ding* or sees horrible colour palettes. Always good for a second opinion on everything.

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Review Highlight: Pizza Connection

Ah, Pizza Connection! A gem from the German biz sim wave of the early 90s which, above everything, impresses with its immensely varied (legal and illegal) possible activities.


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To the chair with him! Next case. To the chair! Next. The chair! Who said that being a judge cannot be fun? And what's fun must have a computer game made out of it. Crime and Punishment – if that doesn't spell fun, I don't know what would.

Mr Creosote



Another one of these extremely obscure games from the past which very few remember and even fewer have any nostalgia for. Safe to assume that this one will remain at the bottom of the pageview statistics. Though that is one of the nicest things about doing this for no commercial interest at all: it doesn't matter. Those who want to have a look, enjoy Intrigue!

Mr Creosote



A title screen in full, ugly CGA glory. Thankfully, the game itself uses a different, much more pleasant screenmode. Which, in a game such as Empire: Wargame of the Century, is a necessity. It lies in the nature of strategic wargames to have their players staring at hardly changing maps for hours and hours.

Mr Creosote


Spoiler: the encounter with the Bone Demon is indeed a memorable one. It is, however, the only demon in a book called Demons of the Deep. What a fraud! Balancing it out, there are a couple of other quite spectacular encounters with non-demonic creatures to be found. Even if not particularly consistent in its theme, individual scenes will certainly stick to my mind.

Mr Creosote



Here is our attempt to be totally up-to-date. Galastrad has been out for only few days. To be on top of recent development, we even shifted our regular schedule. Good thing that you're subscribed to our RSS feed, so you've caught this unusual Tuesday addition!

Mr Creosote



Galleons of Glory: The Secret Voyage of Magellan. Never heard of it? As a total addict of any "new world exploration" type game, I had to fill this knowledge gap, obviously. This one was easy to get into, unlike certain… ahem… other games which may or may not appear in this place at a later point.

Mr Creosote



Which year has this been released? Any guesses? No, no, no. The correct answer is: 1989. Double Dunk is a very late entry to the Atari 2600 library. How much care would you assume has been put considering the small remaining market? Surprise, it's quite a decent one. Not up to the technical standards of the time, but with good ideas and well playable.

Mr Creosote



Sentient Software, probably a typical American garage company – or a start-up, as we would call it today – was founded solely for the purpose of publishing the text adventures produced by owner Michael Berlyn himself. Reportedly already addicted to science fiction literature as a teenager, the game he first published, Oo-Topos, was naturally also from this genre.




Into the mine, out of the mine. Descent 2 repeated the original game's formula with very few changes. I remember being quite annoyed by it at the time. Time passes, I got older and more forgiving. The game not being all that expensive anymore may help as well. You should play it!

Mr Creosote


You're about to embark on an epic journey through several kingdoms. On a mission of no less than to save the whole world. But, you know, as the main evil henchman says at the end, himself and the hero are not that different. Yes, it's a huge bag of trite clichés. Though presented in a self-aware, ironic way. At its core, Xeonjia: Ice Adventures a humble, entertaining game.

Mr Creosote


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