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The Coming of Hordak

Plot: Skeletor tries to prevent Hordak from entering Eternia's dimension. To have enough power for that, he wants to use the mystical energies of Castle Grayskull. He-Man of course wants to stop him from setting foot into the castle and a fight ensues. This costs Skeletor some energy and his defensive spells against Hordak weaken. So the Horde appears! After a chaotic fight (the Horde against Skeletor, He-Man, Battle Cat and Orko) Hordak and Skeletor 'agree' that this is a personal thing between the two. So Hordak sends all the others into the Fright Zone's prison. While his underlings decide to wait for him there, He-Man, Battle Cat and Orko break free. Meanwhile, Hordak manages to overpower Skeletor with his magic. Orko opens a magical portal which takes the good guys back to Eternia. Together with Man-at-Arms and Teela they distract and finally beat Hordak, thus saving Skeletor. Both evil guys promise to take revenge on the good ones.
Comments: What can we expect from the beginning of a comic line? Compared to the later issues, this one is really bad! The drawings are very mediocre (the characters look exactly like their toy counterparts!), the plot could have been taken directly from the cartoon. And there are even some moments of unvoluntarily humour, e.g. Skeletor trying to dig into Castle Grayskull with the Terror Claws (which look like ordinary gloves). The advertisement-level is also pretty high (especially in the Fright Zone). But one quality of this series is already strongly hinted at: the deepness of the characters! And that makes this first issue a worthy one.