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From Here to Eternia!

Plot: There's an explosion on the Skyway of Eternia. Man-a-Arms and all the other available heroic warriors want to have a look at it. Only Orko stays in the Central Tower as a guard. This is the moment Skeletor has waited for. He flies there with his Fright Fighter, imprisons Orko and takes his form as a disguise. The good guys return taking him for Orko of course. Suddenly, some strange 'accidents' happen and 'Orko' suggests he could ask the Sorceress about it. But Man-at-Arms wants to go instead, leaving 'Orko' at Central Tower. He-Man hears an explosion from there and he discovers it's not really Orko. Skeletor still has caught him by surprise and he's about to kill the helpless He-Man with his Fright Fighter when the real Orko helps his friend. He-Man takes the Blasterhawk and shoots Skeletor off the sky. With the help of a huge mud monster, the lord of destruction manages to escape.
Comments: This is more of a commercial than a story! The Eternia playset, the Fright Fighter and the Blaster Hawk are so clearly promoted, that it's hard to find some deepness in the story. And it's even illogical: What's all this fuss Skeletor does (impersonating Orko...) for, if he wants to destroy Eternia anyway? He could have done that when he had first arrived there with only Orko guarding it!