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Falling Stars

Plot: Orko accidently activates the Laser Bolt and one blast hits a meteor passing Eternia. It crashes in the Evergreen Forest. Adam and Orko want to check if it has done any damage. When they find it, more meteors land and it turns out they are living creatures - and evil! They chased the first meteor. Orko keeps them occupied while Adam changes to He-Man. It turns out that the so-called 'Meteorbs' are tough enemies! Their armor is indestructable and their laser blasts easily crush stones. Suddenly, even more Meteorbs appear (but good ones this time) with their leader Stonedar. The evil ones run away and ally with Skeletor. The first meteor (who has been hit by the misleaded Laser Bolt-beam) is Rokkon, a younger Rock Warrior. He is wounded, so He-Man offers his new friends to visit the palace. Being able to fly, the Meteorbs arrive earlier there than He-Man and Orko. Approaching the palace, they're hit by another laser beam. Of course they assume they're attacked, so they fire back. A fight between them and Man-At-Arms ensues. When He-Man arrives, the battle is in full progress. He tries to calm both sides down and convince them it was a misunderstanding. But they don't believe him until Orko reveals that Skeletor and the evil Meteorbs are flying over the palace. They have provoked the fight! He-Man and Stonedar chase them away.
Comments: This one is complete crap! Everything that's in it is just negative! The plot itself is in the style of a bad cartoon episode, the artwork is pretty mediocre. Why do the evil Meteorbs run away first ("We're outnumbered!") when they attack in exactly the same situation later? And then the characters: Orko is featured way too prominently, the Rock Warriors are very boring people and before I acknowledge the "Meteorbs" as Masters, I'd rather die - they're just cheap imported trash! And in this comic, they look as ugly as the real figures. Oh, and the picture where Stonedar holds a hammer is just ridiculous!