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Plot: Adam, Man-at-Arms and Teela are flying above the Evergreen Forest. They're shot down and attacked by Saurod and Blade. He-Man knocks out Blade, but Saurod overpowers Man-at-Arms and poisons him. He-Man chases Saurod away, but Man-at-Arms is in coma. He-Man changes back to Adam and tells Teela what Kobra Khan (???) has done. Webstor (???) is left behind when the good guys fly back the the palace. The royal physician and the Sorceress know only one cure: the Healing Gem Of Helios. Adam and Teela fly there to get it. Helios' king wants them to pass a test before they can get the gem: one of them has to face the Mind Beast. Adam wants to take the test, but Teela doesn't think he can do it, so she knocks him out to face the vicious beast herself. She is haunted by her greatest fears and is thus unable to beat the beast. He-Man however can control his fears and wins the fight. Back in the palace, they use the gem on Man-at-Arms. Skeletor appears and commands Man-at-Arms to attack his friends. It turns out the real Man-at-Arms is imprisoned in Skeletor's dungeons and this one is a robot he has constructed. The robot uses the gem's power to make the good guys helpless. But He-Man can turn him against Skeletor by telling him he could rule on his own. He-Man uses the moment of confusion, breaks free and smashes the robot. Skeletor is forced to release the real Man-at-Arms. But the city of Helios is about to be destroyed if the gem isn't returned until sunset. There is not enough time to bring it back, so He-Man just uses his superpowers to throw it back to its place.
Comments: This is maybe the issue which resembles the cartoon most. And I mean that in a negative way! First of all, there is no consistent story. Basically, it's just one big frame (Man-at-Arms) around another short story (the Mind Beast). The link between the two is kind of weak. The first part has one of the most embarassing mistakes of the whole series: Blade and Saurod turning into Webstor and Kobra Khan. Looks like the movie people told the Marvel guys they should advertise the new characters a bit, so they changed those two characters in the story, but forgot two pages. The Mind Beast is a good idea, but He-Man's fight with it is way too unspectacular. He's just strong enough...... yawn! A very cartoon-like solution. Just like the solution in the end: throwing something away - we've seen that quite a few times. And another big logical mistake: when was the real Man-at-Arms exchanged with the robot? There was no time for it! And why didn't the doctor and the Sorceress notice it isn't a human? Save for the idea of the Mind Beast, this issue is complete crap, especially compared to the before and following issues!